Solder & Supplies

Everything you need for soldering.


SPS Metals stocks a wide range of solder and soldering supplies. Whatever your application, we have the products for every step in the soldering process, from cleaning to cooling the soldering site.

Types of Solder Products

Bar, Meter Bar, Wire Solder.

Pure Tin, Lead Free


1/8″ dia, 1lb and 5lb spools

Alloy Ratios

40/60, 50/50, 60/40, 63/37, 95/5.

Bar Sizes

1lb, 1/3l, 1/2l, meter bar, tri bar.

Solder Supplies

Forged Soldering Coppers

1–8lb pair irons.
Pointed and hatchet style.

Sal Ammoniac

Blocks and Powder.

Portable Soldering Kits

Sievert Industries.


Duplex Acetylene, Electric, Heavy-Duty Plug Tip, Heavy-Duty Screw Tip.

Bench Furnaces

Double or Triple Burners, Natural Gas, Liquid Propane Gas and 26,000–39,000 BTU/hr.

Flux Fluid & Paste

Soldering and Tinning Flux, Stainless Steel Flux, Soldering Paste.

Acid Brushes

Shoe Handle, Curved Handle, Metal Scratch, Metal Toothbrush, Loop Handle, Wire Wheel, Radiator Tube, Fiberglass Acid, Burnisher Tool, Johnson’s Ice Picks and Horsehair Acid Swab.

Soldering Fluid / Flux

Ruby Fluid

  • Soldering Flux
  • Soldering Past
  • Stainless Steel Soldering Flux


  • Original Soldering Fluid
  • Lloyd’s No. 6 Soldering Fluid
  • Lloyd’s Stainless Steel Flux
  • J-33 Flux
  • E-127 Flux-N’-Solder with Pure Tin


  • Stay-Clean Liquid Flux
  • Stay-Clean Paste Flux
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