Lead sheet and lead flashing for architectural and construction projects.

Lead Products

SPS Metals offers a wide range of lead products for your architectural and construction applications.

Lead Sheet

Weight: 2, 2.5 ,3 ,4-lb. to 60-lb. per square foot
Width: 12–60 inches
Length: 2.5–25 feet

Lead-Lined Drywall
Custom Sizes Available

Lead Boot Flashing

Weight: 2.5, 3, 4, & 6-pound
Pipe Size: 1–6 inches

Larger sizes are available on request

Lead Products

  • Lead Ingot & Pig
  • Lead Shot
  • Lead Wool
  • Lead Kneel
  • Lead Glass

12″x12″ , 13″x13″
16″x24″ , 18″x24″
Other Sizes Available Upon Request

To learn more about our lead sheet and flashing products and discover the materials that are right for your project, contact our experienced sales specialists at 800-328-6766.

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In-House Handling & Packaging

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