Lead sheet and lead flashing for architectural and construction projects.

Lead Products

SPS Metals offers a wide range of lead products for your architectural and construction applications.

Lead Sheet

Weight: 2, 2.5 ,3 ,4-lb. to 60-lb. per square foot
Width: 12–60 inches
Length: 2.5–25 feet

Lead-Lined Drywall
Custom Sizes Available

Lead Boot Flashing

Weight: 2.5, 3, 4, & 6-pound
Pipe Size: 1–6 inches

Larger sizes are available on request

Lead Products

  • Lead Ingot & Pig
  • Lead Shot
  • Lead Wool
  • Lead Kneel
  • Lead Glass

12″x12″ , 13″x13″
16″x24″ , 18″x24″
Other Sizes Available Upon Request


*Call For Availability on Items not listed
X - Stock Item
Sheet / Rolls
Lead Lined Sheet Rock (5/8" 4'x10' with 4'x7' Lead - Includes Lead Strip & Tabs )xx
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