Roof Drainage Systems

Drains, gutters, and downspouts for residential and commercial projects.

Roof Drainage Systems

SPS Metals offers contractors a wide variety of roof drainage solutions for residential and commercial projects. Our product experts can customize a roof drainage system for you.


Shape: Half-Round 5+ inches, Style “K” O.G.: 5+ inches, Eurostyle.


Square Corrugated: 2–5 inches, Plain Square: 3–5 inches, Plain Round: 2+ inches, Round Corrugated: 3–6 inches.

Materials Available

Copper, Lead Coated Copper, Freedom Grey Copper, Kynar, Galvanized, Paint Grip, Galvalume, Aluminum, Stainless, Steel and Zinc.


Hangers, Miters, End Caps – Standard & Spherical, Outlets, Strainers, Elbows, Rain Chains, Cleanouts, Gutter Screen, and Conductor Heads.

Roof Drains

  • Cast Iron, Small to Large Sizes, High-Volume, and Assorted Finishes.
  • We stock or have access to most manufactures.
  • Complete drain assemblies & parts.
  • Domes, clamping rings, clamping posts and other accessories.


Josam, Zurn, Jr Smith, Wade, Mifab, Watts, Thunderbird, and Sioux Chief.

To learn more about the roof drainage products we offer and to put together a system for your project, contact our experienced sales specialists at 800-328-6766.

What Makes SPS Metals So Different?


In-House Handling & Packaging

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